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Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injury benefits for veterans will expand January
Posted: Dec 16, 2013 7:50 PM CST

WACO - Iraq and Afghanistan veterans suffering from traumatic brain injury got some good news on Monday.

New regulations from the department of Veteran Affairs mean they could be getting pay soon. TBI is becoming more of an issue in the VA. TBI is trauma to the brain and its tied to a number of different diseases such as parkinson's, dementia, depression, blindness or seizures. Now, it can be caused by explosion that impacts the brain.

The problem with TBI is that there was no clear identifier in the VA for the syndrome, and that mean it was hard for veterans to receive benefits for it.

This conclusive blast was occurring on a regular basis from IED's and I don't feel like anybody knew what the enemy was going to use and so when it started happening, it started causing a lot of unknown injuries. "McLennan County Veteran Officer Steve Hernanadez said.

Most disabilities are assigned a rating up to 100 percent to determine payments and treatment. The Defense department estimates that a quarter of a million veterans have experienced TBI since 2000.

"The injury caused from the shock wave of going into your body and having everything move from that concussion and then returning, " said Hernandez. "So, there could be a lot more other injuries and there have been a lot of injuries from that."

This change in policy can help the claim process go faster. Especially theses veterans who can prove their illness is caused from TBI.

The new policy will take effect starting January 16.

National Senior Vice Commanders Message on those members who are suffering from Symptoms of Traumatic Brain Injury, Please Call our office so we can talk about your filling a INFORMAL V.A. CLAIM, we urge not to file anything till you talk with out office as this is in your best interest.

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