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Commanders Public Services Notice And Important Message To Our Veterans & 
The General Public

Dear Fellow Members & Friends,
Recently I have received reports that there are organizations on the Internet that are misusing our name for the purpose to raise money from the GENERAL PUBLIC at large. They ask you to donate to them with a credit card, then they state you can become a member for FREE. Most states have rules pertaining to Free Memberships; in general if you join based on "Free" then you are not an official member. Most likely you have been taken with your donation. They would need to be on file as a tax exempt organization and if advertising online they need to state that they are a tax exempt organization. Ask for a receipt and before making any
donation, you want their phone number and physical street address.
There have been too many crooks out their lately attempting to rip off the General Public and poor veterans, many of which donate from their hearts their last dollars to help fellow veterans. Here at United Veterans Of America World H.Q. we do not and never will solicit from the general public. Our members pay their dues and always receive an official members code I.D. card color copy of our By-laws and a handsome multi-colored members certificate signed by two official National Officers, one being the National Commander.
Please call or email us about any other similar characteristics that may resemble us in name shape or form. This is why we provide this public warning, as we do not accept donations from the general public. We thank you for your cooperation and urge you to contact us with any report of any such person of organization that is engaged in misuse of our Trademark and copyright name.