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What is Compensation and Pension (C&P) Exam


Veteran's Corner

What is Compensation And
Pension (C&P) Exam

By Dr. Anna Pat Krupkin, Ph.D
National Commander

number is good only when calling from within your home state. The veteran cannot request additional exams at or during the time of evaluation. The C&P examiner can and will only address the issue listed on the examination request sheet from your Regional office. This means if your leg was blown off in combat and your going for a C&P exam due to the chronic (PTSD) that was caused by your combat injury the doctor will only address the leg problems not any other problems unless it is ordered and listed by your Regional office, they stick to the facts listed by the Regional office. When you the veteran files your claim on a statement in the support of claim form, it will be reveiwed by your Regional office, who will set up whatever exams they need in order to approve your claim or deny your claim. Should your claim be denied you may appeal to the BVA. NSC Pension: The veteran has files a claim due to a medical disability which is not service related. This means any injury prior to or after your service that is causing you problems, Individual Unemployability: Once a veterans claim has been approved for service connected medical conditions and he is 100% service connected he than request additional VA service connected compensation based upon his unemployability. Aid and attendance or household benefits: Veteran has filed a claim for additional monetary benefits assistance due to an inability to independently perform activities of daily living. We will continue more on your VA benefits in upcoming issues.

We devote this issue to the unanswered questions about what is VA compensations and pension. Most of our veterans have no knowledge or very little about compansation for service connected replated consitions. Pension is based upon a non-service medical condition and income that is offset' by other income. Pension eligibility requieres wartime service. This means you the veteran would have had to serve during war or armed conflict. Service connected VA compensation if for veterans who received injury while on active military duty or mental conditions caused by severe stress from a combat duty also known as (PTSD) or an event of such stress while on active duty that would cause chronic (PTSD). What is a C&P Examination and who determines what examinations are performed. A C&P examination is an independent medical evaluation that is performed by a VA doctor or doctor hired by the VA for that specific purpose. What this means is that you veterans who use your private doctors or VA doctor for eveeryday treatments will not be the doctor assigned to perform your C&P exam, the VA has an established nationwide guidelines for C&P examinations, all C&P exams are requested and set up by your states Regional Office the toll free phone number is 1-(800) 827-1000 this toll free