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Commander's Newsletter- March and April 2014
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It is just amazing to me and other veterans, how the VA has millions of Veterans records many have stated piled to the ceiling collecting dust, and on top of that, the building is unstable and about to fall down at anytime. The news media brings it up, from time to time again not one person has kept up with this very important issue, which has to do with millions of veterans, getting benefits, and their lives of how they got injured, and so on.

What are they waiting for, to secure these records, another tragedy, and to tell the veterans they are sorry, the records got destroyed, the building was old, and collapsed because of VA incompetent ability to protect, the veterans and their families, and total disregard, of what is going to happen, to these veterans records, this is human lives, whom have sacrifice, everything, and then, some, to kept records this way, is just another form of abuse to the veterans, whom have sacrifice so much!

Where are the organizations on this very issue that is the life of these veterans, why are you, not continuing to keep this in the lime light, until something is done! In my opinion this very issue, and situation, should have been addressed a very long time ago, and all they have done is pass, it along to the next person in charge, who, has done nothing, like previous VA Administrators, who have done nothing as well. The recent report of a VA worker, telling another worker to destroy Veterans records that have been there, too long they must be dead by now was a direct order from a VA personnel, this was reported by fox news. All these abuses, go on and on no justice for the Veterans whom have served their country with honor and die for this country, not to mention, all the disabilities, they suffered, every single day of their lives.

Its high time that all of the above be addressed, and kept it in the media, until it is addressed. not go away, as a one time news item. You are dealing with human life that sacrifice it all for America. I would like comments, and other Americans to join in to keep these issues alive.
God Bless all Veterans and families, everywhere!
Dr.Anna Pat Krupkin,Ph./D
National Commander Of: UNITED VETERANS OF AMERICA . Org