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September 2013

Dear Mr.President:
Get Real and are you Kidding your going to attack Syria and have already spent Billions of U.S. dollars on Syria when we have a nation of thousands of Veterans who are abused and have been used, V.A. who acts out in Conspiracy has denied thousands of Veterans claims , and thousands more have had their claims ongoing in many cases for ten, twenty, thirty, and yes even fourty years or more.

Why is it your administration has not properly addressed the abuses of our nations veterans, further more we want you to know The Honorable Jeff Miller our Chairman Of Veterans Affairs, has his communications to the V.A. on behalf of fellow veterans ignored, as those people in the V.A. Regional Offices could care less when Congressman Miller acts on behalf of veteran the veteran gets repeated letter from V.A. with false statement that V.A. is working on your claim, when in fact they know they are not, V.A. counts on delays so many veterans just give up or better yet just die and go to heaven.

This is clearly massive abuse and lies to the Chairman of Veterans Affairs, Mr. President you NEED TO SPEAK SOFTLY AND CARRY A BIG STICK And wipe it upon the V.A.

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