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December 2013

Dr Anna Pat Krupkin,PhD. your National Commander of the UVOA since September 2012 wishes all members worldwide a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR! My focus as National commander will be on the entire Family of the Veterans, the mothers and the fathers, whom served in one of the branches the Military.

The children of the Veteran's and the many struggles they have had , not to mention picking the pieces, and moving on, with mom our dad, whom served with honor, and the severity of PTSD, effect on MOM"S and DAD"S, including their children, having PTSD also, but you never heard enough about it. Have you ever wonder or follow-up what happens to the Veteran, and his wife, and their children, any follow up on this? As National commander, that is going to be my biggest focus, in speaking engagements, and what ever it takes, to educate the public, of the true meaning, how much the Veterans and family, sacrifice, you really don't have any idea, and that's my purpose, as National Commander, of UVOA, to educate the public about the truth and how much they have really sacrifice, all the welcome homes are wonderful what happens to the Veteran after the fan fare goes away, and they are fighting the VETERANS ADMINSTRATION FOR EVERYTHING THE SIGN UP FOR WHEN THE JOIN THE MILITARY AND WAS PROMISE ON THE DOTTED LINE ,THE MILITARY WOULD TAKE CARE OF THEM AND THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT HAS FAILED, BY ALLOWING THEIR COST OF LIVING, AND OTHER Benefits. Why Attack the military, paid, cost of living, and other benefits, they need, do you people understand, that they have sacrifice everything for this country, and then some! You would not be able to have a job be free etc, why attack the military benefits? American Veterans no matter what war you serve in spill their blood the same way and got injured for choosing to serve their country Where would they be without the Veterans? Its time to band together, and let our voices be heard, once and for all, wake up America, you will not have a country, because of the abuses, you have done to the veteran including signing the doted line you would take care of them. the Congressmen, and U.S.Senators , should be very ashamed of themselves, where were they to protect our veterans of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, NO EXCUSES FOR THIS ONE HOW WAS THAT BILL PASSED.Contact me about joining our organization, that is not controlled by the government, never will be, this is America and this organization is no puppet on a string, and always tells the truth, good or bad, at least it is the truth. The United Veterans Of America. Org , is the only organization, that will truly stand up for your rights.

MERRY CHRISTMAS TO ALL OUR MEMBERS, and their wife's and dependents, and all their family members, and our allied forces members, and a HAPPY NEW YEAR, GOD BLESS EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU, Please share our NEWSLETTER to fellow veterans and anyone that wants the truth. As a member please remember U.V.O.A. in your will, and please send in your annual dues or donation to help us continue our mission of helping our veterans.

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