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The United Veterans Of America (U.V.O.A.) was founded by The Honorable Dr. Barry Allen Krupkin, SNC, PhD, D, J, D, back In January of 1980. As the original worldwide veterans organization founded for the benefit of all veterans and their families that welcome any and all veterans to join including family members of veterans and allied forces of the United States. Each new member and annual renewal members receive a handsome Certificate of Membership. Our official worldwide head quarters address is located at: 46 Veterans Lane, Freeport, Florida 32439.

Veterans and guest are welcome to visit Monday to Friday from 9:00AM to 4:00PM CST. U.V.O.A. is closed on weekends. U.V.O.A. has some of America's greatest veterans as proud life members on the executive board of its directors. Veteran members can get involved in the dozens of programs. We also lobby and fight for increased benefits and better medical care for our veterans and their family members. During our past history We have been strong leaders in fighting for veterans exposed to toxic, war chemicals such as AGENT ORANGE and Radiation, and have improved retired benefits programs.

Our active POW/MIA programs have worked with Congress for years to account for all our POW/MIA's with steadfast lobby ,and legislation. We have departments worldwide. One of the greatest benefits of becoming a member Is that once you're a proud member you can enroll in our TUITION FREE degree programs in our U.V.O.A. UNIVERSITY division. Students only pay for the books tapes and associated learning materials and NO TUITION. The programs are for our members and their family members join and have paid their dues. The University does not accept students who are not members.

The TUITION FREE PROGRAMS are for our members only; why not join the thousands of other fellow veteran males and females who have earned their degrees from our University division. We could go on and on about all our great programs but you owe it to yourself to join and become a proud member of the greatest veteran's organization on planet earth. Now for your Membership Application please click on the membership link to join, also visit our other links. We look forward to your joining.

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